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Engineering Services

  • Connectivity
    Satellite Wireless Radio
  • Technical Services
    Structured Cabling Fibre Optic Tower Infrastructure Power Services
  • IT Managed Services
    Network/Server Phone Systems Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Power & Internet Backup
  • Engineering Services
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We have been engineering communications solutions utilizing a variety of technologies for over 40 years.

Engineering Plans

Total North’s engineering team have expertise in the fields of network engineering, microwave design, satellite communications and two way radio.

Total North is able to draw from its engineering department and couple this with technical installation expertise to deliver completely integrated solutions.

Our clients have expressed their desire for one point of contact for their communication needs and Total North delivers.  Examples of how we’ve combined technologies to meet a client’s needs are:

Mining Industry

As the complete communications provider for multiple mining groups Total North designs, builds and maintains systems that combine microwave, satellite, managed networks, two-way radio, wireless, structured cabling, backup power, and an independent communications shelter.

Managed Services

Providing solutions that can include networking, security, wireless and voice that is distributed via a structured cable distribution platform and includes a battery backup component.

Radio Network Integration

Utilizing a high speed broadband backhaul and integrating it with software based applications, Total North is providing next generation features only possible with the convergence of multiple technologies within an integrated radio solution for the greater Whitehorse region.

Total North continues to look for the next technology and its engineering department spends a portion of each day in R&D and training as we look to develop and integrate even more technologies into our offerings going forward.

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