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Wireless Services

  • Connectivity
    Satellite Wireless Radio
  • Technical Services
    Structured Cabling Fibre Optic Tower Infrastructure Power Services
  • IT Managed Services
    Network/Server Phone Systems Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Power & Internet Backup
  • Engineering Services
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We have a long history of being a Canadian leader in wireless communication…

…with the technical expertise to provide a completely integrated solution from engineering and design, through installation and maintenance.

Total North - Wireless Services


  • Initial engineering for wireless networks including propagation analysis, site infrastructure, equipment selection and installation best practices

  • Technical installation services for all variety of wireless link installation including site survey, antenna alignment, link optimization and final commissioning

  • Site works including communications structure, design, installation, site grounding, cabling, rack cabling and tower installation

  • System maintenance – Total North maintains a NOC (network operations center) that utilizes a monitoring software platform to remotely administer all of our networks

Wireless Platforms

Total North has partners for all types of wireless platforms and works with the clients to determine the appropriate architecture and product to meet their needs. Specialized technologies such as:

Point to Point and Point to Multipoint

Wireless microwave technology has emerged as an effective and reliable method for extending communications to the last mile, expanding networks to multiple buildings and for providing reliable redundancy. Total North utilizes industry leading engineering software combined with carrier grade wireless products to deliver the appropriate product for the project.

Our team is able to provide predictive reports prior to installation to help outline marginal links and areas of concern prior to mobilization. Total North has found that different client needs require diverse products for everything from short range Gigabit speed links to long range NLOS which is why we have chosen the following market leaders to partner with and are always researching and bench testing new technologies.

Wireless Local Area Networks

Wireless networks have grown to become more reliable and with higher transmission speeds. With this evolution more companies are implementing wireless access. The advantages are user mobility, less infrastructure and simple scalability. The real evolution in wireless has come with the advent of managed wireless networks. It is now possible to provide network access and implement the same controls, management and monitoring previously only found on wired networks.

Taking this a step further Total North also utilizes wifi planning software (Air Magnet) to provide detailed predictive designs. This same software can be used to troubleshoot interference and low signal strength. Again it is the engineered, proactively managed approach that sets us apart and provides the solutions that the client needs to operate efficiently.

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