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Fibre Optic

  • Connectivity
    Satellite Wireless Radio
  • Technical Services
    Structured Cabling Fibre Optic Tower Infrastructure Power Services
  • IT Managed Services
    Network/Server Phone Systems Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Power & Internet Backup
  • Engineering Services
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With the increased requirement for bandwidth and the transmission speeds of data to all our daily devices the future of bandwidth is the replacement of copper cable with fiber optic cable!

A preferred medium used by Telecommunications companies to transfer unlimited bandwidth at the speed of light due to light propagation through the fibre, this method of cabling is excellent for backbone builds such as long distance communication as well as last mile solutions from the telephone pole to the desktop.

Fibre Optics

What we offer

  • Fibre splicing

  • Fibre testing

  • New installations (green and brown field)

  • Service and support for all fiber installations

  • Telco integration

  • Turnkey fiber networks from construction to switching


Our Markets

  • Fibre-to-the-home

  • Cities & municipalities

  • Private enterprise

  • Telecom & cable providers

  • Turnkey fiber networks

Solutions Offered

Microduct (shallow bury)

The use of the microduct technique is strong, flexible and impact resistant yet lightweight and easy to work with. The product is inexpensive, suitable for varied temperatures, has long life resistance to fatigue and can be made to include rodent protective or chemical corrosive protectants as well as metal free and aluminum wrapped designs. Suitable for almost all applications.

Air Blown Fibre Cabling


Air blown fibre is a method of installing fibre optic cables that relies on the flow of compressed air easing the fibre all the way to its destination – sometimes kilometres away.

Traditional Fibre Cabling


Traditional fibre optic cables are pulled through cable ducts.

Aerial Fibre Cabling


The technique of stringing strands of fibre, typically pole-to-pole.

Our technicians are Fibre Optic Association certified and our partners are market leaders in quality and service.

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