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Satellite Services

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    Satellite Wireless Radio
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We offer a variety of satellite based internet and communications services.

Total North - Satelite

These services range from individual communication devices (satellite telephones and communicators) to providing complete communications systems for remote industrial projects of several hundred people.

By maintaining strong partnerships with industry leaders in the satellite communications field including Telesat, Galaxy Broadband, Infosat, Xplornet , Roadpost, Iridium, Garmin, and Zoleo we can confidently say that we have what you need to get connected.

Satellite Internet and Telephone Services

As a leader in deploying fully supported, turn-key satellite communications systems, we provide solutions to fit each client’s unique requirements. As mentioned above, our systems range in size from very small (1-5 users) to very large (200+ users).

Once deployed, Total North’s Network Operations Center provides network monitoring and management, including prioritization, Quality of Service, and content filtering, allowing complete customization and visibility of a client’s network.

Total Reach Platform

Total Reach is Total North’s enterprise level system capable of supporting large industrial operations in remote locations with both reliable internet and phone service. Total Reach is ideal for advanced exploration camps, mine sites and any other remote site where reliability and performance are paramount. Total Reach ensures the highest guaranteed speeds of any of our offerings through the lowest share ratio, meaning more bandwidth is available for every user. Every system deployed comes with content filtering, remote monitoring, and remote management. Telephone connections are available with your choice of area code and call quality is ensured through quality of service and prioritization of telephone services.

Total Generation Platform

The Total Generation platform is our most diverse enterprise platform for satellite internet. This platform provides our client’s with the convenience and flexibility of selecting and modifying, upon request, different bandwidth options remotely without having to send a technician to site. Phone services are available with choice of area code with 1000 minutes of airtime within North America. Also, as with all of our remote communications systems, Total Generation is remotely monitored and managed with content filtering and traffic shaping services available.

Total Explorer Platform

Total Explorer is Total North’s entry level satellite internet system. Ideal for individuals and small groups, Total Explorer provides reliable telephone and internet at an affordable price. Designed for web browsing and email, Total Explorer is tailored to provide entry level service for business and home use.

Dedicated Custom Networks

A paradigm shift has occurred in satellite technology where once the download requirement was the focus of performance which has now shifted to equally weighted value on the upload capacity. This shift has occurred with client’s increasing need to share data with head offices through a variety of different network systems (VPN, thin clients, etc.).

These networks are built utilizing either Single Channel per carrier (SCPC) and Carrier-in-Carrier (CnC) technology. These technologies provide much higher upload capacity while still providing enterprise level speeds and reliability.

If the aforementioned scenario highlights the challenges you are currently facing let Total North build to your custom needs via an engineered solution.

These networks are built utilizing either Single Channel per carrier (SCPC) and Carrier-in-Carrier (CnC) technology. These technologies provide much higher upload capacity while still providing enterprise level speeds and reliability.

Satellite Phones and Communicators

Total North is the leading provider of satellite phones and communication devices in the Yukon. You can choose to rent for those short trips or purchase for every day use.

We carry hardware and accessories as well as provide subscription services for the following:

  • Iridium satellite phones – Iridium Extreme (9575), Iridium 9555

  • Globalstar/Spot satellite phones – Globalstar GSP 1700, Spot Global phone

  • Garmin inReach – inreach Explorer+, inReach SE+ & inReach Mini

  • Zoleo satellite communicator

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