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We manage your IT, you manage your business

Image by Ian Battaglia

TotalHealth Solution

Our engineering department will manage your technology infrastructure to prevent threats against security and maintain efficiency, so you can focus on managing your business.

TotalSupport Solution

Let our team of industry-leading experts become your enterprise-level IT department for less than it would cost to manage your IT in house. As your ‘Virtual IT Department’ we provide 24/7 proactive support in infrastructure, server and desktop management.

Network Management

Network Management as a service enables you to control how your network is utilized.  This can take on many forms including limiting the number of devices available to access the network, using quality of service (QoS) protocols to make data from certain devices and locations higher priority, or blocking certain applications or websites to run – just to name a few of the features.

Network Monitoring

TotalHealth and TotalSupport both include our enterprise network monitoring service.  Powered by Solar Winds Orion Network Management Software our solution provides insight into your network’s overall health, and allows Total North to be proactive by identifying network faults before they become an issue. As the internet is a major component of your network, we not only maximize your bandwidth usage but also become your one-stop call centre to deal with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).


As a security platform, we will deploy a next generation firewall that will protect your network from entry to endpoint, as well as protect you from threats that employees unknowingly invite in. No more managing anti-virus and malware licenses – that’s what we do.

IT Consulting

Our engineering team will assess the current and ongoing state of your network.  As a managed services client you benefit from our team of professionals whose job it is to stay on top of the ever changing tech landscape.

Desktop Support

We take care of those everyday issues involving your office’s computers and printers. We are not only your service call centre, but we put a face to IT by sending a technician to assist with new hardware installations and other issues that may arise.

Server Support

Whether it is your physical onsite server or a server that we virtually host, our team manages it to ensure it is secure and always accessible to those granted access so they can perform their business critical functions.

Patch Management

Everything needs updates to be current. With multiple software packages, operating systems and hardware appliances in your business it can be hard to keep them current. This can cause downtime and data loss. Let us navigate these waters for you and keep your network and software updated and current.

24/7 Support

Total North always has a technician on call. If escalation is required we have a team of engineers on staff to solve the problem. A true managed service means full time support, and we stand behind that.


Let’s see if we can help. Call us today at 867.668.5175 to schedule your free network health check.

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