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Our Rental Terms

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Total North Communication Ltd. (hereinafter called "LESSOR" or TNC) hereby rents to the customer identified on the reverse side (hereinafter called "RENTER"), the equipment identified on the invoice (hereinafter called the "EQUIPMENT") subject to all the terms and provisions of the Agreement, in consideration of which RENTER agrees that:


1. Renter acknowledges that the equipment rented is the property of TNC and was received by the Renter in good mechanical condition.


2. Renter shall be responsible for loss or damage caused by improper use or negligence and agrees to reimburse TNC for the full replacement costs.


3. Renter shall return the equipment to TNC in the same condtion as when the renter received the equipment, ordinary wear and tear excepted.


4. When necessary, TNC will provide maintenance services during the term of the rental. This does not include repairs due to the fault of the renter. Any maintenance performed on the equipment by the renter cannot be done without prior approval from TNC.


5. The Renter shall have no right to transfer, make over or assign the present rental agreement without obtaining written consent from TNC.


6. The Renter shall pay the rental amount set out on the front of this agreement upon receipt of the equipment. Any extra airtime charges will be billed to the Renters credit card, unless otherwise agreed upon.


7. The Renter is responsible for all charges. Should the Renter fail to pay any sum due within 30 days of the invoice date, charges will be billed to the credit card regardless of any other agreements made.


8. TNC does not guarantee uninterrupted coverage in any geographical areas and TNC is not liable for any damages resulting from this.


9. Renter acknowledges receipt of complete instructions on the proper use of the Equipment and agrees to operate the Equipment in accordance with the instructions. A test call shall be made at the start of every rental to ensure proper usage  and the equipment is in good working order.


10. If the Renter is in breach of any terms of this agreement, TNC may take possession of the equipment and may without notice notice, or demand and without legal process, enter upon the premises and repossess the equipment.


11. Pick up or Delivery is done after regular business hours, Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. This service is intended for customers arriving/departing outside regular business hours only. Rental rates start from day of delivery and conclude on day of pick up. The renter takes sole responsibility during the rental period or exceeding the rental period due to unreturned equipment and is responsible to notify TNC when equipment is left at a offsite location to end their rental contract.

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